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With the RideMe app, renting your bike will be quick and easy. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to hop in the saddle and set off to explore your surroundings. Find out more!

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Listen to the audio guides

Free audio guides will accompany you along the way, revealing secrets and interesting facts about the places you encounter. Make each stage of your journey an opportunity to discover more without ever missing a beat. With RideMe, every ride is packed with discoveries.

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Explore the routes around you

Nature lover, history buff, or food enthusiast?

The area has a lot to offer, so just choose the route that suits you best! By bike, it’s easy to reach the places that intrigue you the most. And if you’ve chosen cycling to justify a drink or a meal with friends, don’t worry – you’ll find destinations perfect for creating unforgettable moments with your adventure companions!

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